Rail Safety Labour

Infrasafe has been a rail safety labour supplier since 1996. We are Link-up Approved and a Network Rail Preferred Supplier for the provision of contingent labour, reinforcing our commitment to providing quality service, reliability and competitive pricing.

Our team is trained in a broad range of maintenance, protection and warning skills, and all staff are:

  • PTS certified, fully briefed and accountable to Infrasafe.
  • Fully equipped with PPE, vehicles and relevant equipment.
  • Involved and briefed at all project stages.
  • In-house trained to Network Rail standards at our reputed facility.
  • Fully supported by Infrasafe managers providing on-site visits and on-call resources.

Infrasafe provides the full range of competent safety critical personnel and operates cost-effective minimum 8 hour shifts. We provide specialist rail staff from basic labour to senior planners including:

  • ATWS Operatives
  • Controllers Of Site Safety
  • Controllers of Site Safety TCOD
  • Engineering Supervisors
  • Handback Engineers
  • Handsignallers
  • Individuals Working Alone
  • Level Crossing Attendants/ Barriermen
  • Lookouts
  • Machine/ Crane Controllers
  • OHL Isolation Labour
  • On Board Train Personnel
  • Persons in Charge of Possession
  • Safe System of Work Planners
  • Points Operators
  • Project Managers
  • Protection Controllers
  • RMMM Operators/ Machine Controllers
  • Security Personnel
  • Senior Persons in Charge of Possession
  • Site Access Controllers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Site Wardens
  • Station and Depot Personnel
  • Surveyors
  • Trackside Watchmen/ Scarecrows

For information on additional labour visit our additional track labour personnel page.

For all of your rail safety labour requirements, please contact Brian Cairns at brianc@infrasafe.co.uk or on 0191 499 0024.